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Open Source Records: Taiwan
Taiwan Nationwide Records
Aviation Safety Council
Corporate Records, Business Registration, Associations, Directories
Department of Economic Affairs Keelung City
Department of Finance Keelung City
Department of Finance Taichung City
Finance Bureau Kaohsiung City
Taichung City Government Department of Economic Development
Economic Affairs Bureau Taipei County
Economic Development Bureau Chiayi City Government
Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs
Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C.
Small and Medium Enterprise Administration - Department of Economic Affairs
Financial Supervisory Commission
Financial Supervisory Commission Insurance Bureau
Financial Supervisory Commission Securities and Futures Bureau
Ministry of Finance R.O.C.
Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Ministry of Education
Financial Institutions
Land Bank of Taiwan
Taiwan Cooperative Bank
Hua Nan Bank
External (Foreign) Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission
Geography/Maps/Video Feeds
Taiwan Map
Taiwan Cam
Legal/Law Enforcement
Ministry of Justice
Coast Guard Administration
Medical/Public Health
Department of Health
Military Affairs/National Defense
Ministry of National Defense
Newspapers, Magazines, Academic Journals, Radio, Television, Journalism Related
Taipei Times
Real Property/Personal Property
Land Administration Bureau: Taipei County Land Registration
Registrars/Recorders (Marriage/Birth/Family Registries)
Civil Service and Welfare Committee
Chiayi County Social Affairs Department
Bureau of Social Affairs: Chiayi City
Department of Social Affairs: Hsin Chu City Government
Bureau of Social Affairs Kaohsiung County Government
Department of Social Affairs: Keelung City Government
Department of Social Affairs: Taichung City Government
Bureau of Social Affairs: Tainan City
Revenue/Tax Authority
Local Tax Bureau: Chiayi City
Local Tax Bureau: Hsinchu County
Revenue Service: Hsinchu County
Local Tax Bureau: Hualien County
Local Tax Bureau: Kaohsiung County
Local Tax Bureau: Miaoli County
Local Tax Bureau: Nantou County
Revenue Service: Penghu County
Local Tax Bureau: Pingtung County
Local Tax Bureau: Taichung County
Local Tax Bureau: Tainan City
Local Tax Bureau: Tainan County
Revenue Service: Taipei County
Local Tax Bureau: Taitung County
Local Tax Bureau: Taoyuan County
Local Tax Bureau: Yilan County
Trade/Commerce/Economic Development
Council for Economic Planning and Development
Export Processing Zone Administration, MOEA
Fair Trade Commission
Investment Commission
Vital Records
Refer to Registrars/Records
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